Monday, November 03, 2014

All About Me Project

Each new school year we get to know a new bunch (or bunches!) of students. It is important to know bits of them as quick as possible. This is paramount in your classroom management and in your one to one relation.

You can find in this blog a lot of activities to start with: let’s to know each other, breaking the ice, knowing each other names… All of them are very useful as a starting point, to recognize faces, to know the names... but, that's all!

The starting project I’ve done this year with my fifth graders has been about letting children to show things about themselves as a way to introduce some aspects they feel proud about them, or they would like to.

My goal was to get to know them more while also providing a display that can be used for writing and speaking in our English class. We also did a revision of some vocabulary (clothes, personality adjectives, sports, likes and dislikes…), we learnt some new one (body measures, aches…), some grammar structures (questions, answers, present and past tenses…). And we involved many skills on the way.

This was a fun way to get to know each other better and to give children some resources to write, to speak and to keep works in their portfolios.

Why not make the learning process fun and cute with this little Person Pop-Up craft? My students made "themselves" dressed in a fancy, fashion or cool way, and fill out with some information they got from the All About Me booklet.

Here I add some resources I've found when preparing the project. They can be very useful if you want to adapt it to other level, to do an "I am Special" unit, or to use them in your Star of the Week activities!
All about me from Enric Calvet    

And what about the assessment of this project? Here you are my suggestion:

PowerPoint project All About Me from Enric Calvet

And one example of a PowerPoint from one student: 

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