Monday, November 17, 2014

“I'm soooooo jealous about puppets"

It is not new to say that using puppets is a great idea to teach English to Very Young Learners of English.

I’ve been using puppets for long with my Young Learners of English and I can tell you that are a “must” in any ESL teacher tool box. And, I have to say that, as a teacher, I’m rather envious about puppets because children prefer to talk and interact to puppets!

Puppets increase Children’ motivation and encourage their creativity and their need to talk. They speak, talk, chat to their puppets, sing, play, dance with them.

 “Children may hesitate to talk to an adult. But, they never refrain from talking to a puppet. Because, puppets are warm and close friends of children”. 

Here are some useful web pages and blogs to learn more about using puppets to teach English (or whatever!):

Now, let children make their own puppets, let them to give a name and 
let them to talk to their puppets! 
You won't regret it!

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