Tuesday, December 23, 2014

An Example of Scaffold in a Primary English Class

Following my last post "Scaffolding in the ESL Classroom", here you are an example of real scaffold in a real context class and one of my PowerPoint presentations on this issue.

"Many students do not realize the importance of English language in the world until someone shows them (or they make a research!) some empirical data. English is not only the most spoken language in the world, but also, the one that has been “adopted” by many countries as one of their official languages".

Doing this short project students will discover how many English speakers are in the world, how many and which countries speak English as an official language and what continent has more English speaking countries, among some other interesting issues.


To finish with, let me offer you a paper with some strategies for scaffolding the learning of young learners of English as a second language.

See in this same blog the post "Where do People Speak English in the World" and the full Unit Plan in ARC (Aplicació de Recursos al Currículum)

Hope this will be of some help!

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