Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feed the Dingo - A Fun Game About a Desert Ecosystem

Feed the Dingo is a fun game about the importance of creating and maintaining a balanced desert ecosystem.

Students have to add animals and plants and other nature items. Each animal un the game has enough food to survive over a period of 12 days, so players see how the different species of plants and animals in a desert depend on one another. They also experiment with how changing the amount of one resource affects the whole ecosystem.

Each day students have to add more elements in order to maintain balance in the ecosystem. At the end of each day students are given feedback as to which plants and animals are healthy, which are in danger, and which have died.
From Education Dynamics
Feed theDingo is a Plumb Landing PBS Learning Media game. Some suggested activities for teachers are provided in the web including a series of food web games.

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