Monday, February 02, 2015

Get Ready for St. Valentine!

Every year Valentine’s Day falls on the fourteenth of February; although it is celebrated in many different countries around the world, it remains a work day rather than a public holiday. It began as a celebration of a Christian saint named Valentinus, with many different stories invented around him.
The day was first associated with romantic love by Geoffrey Chaucer’s circle when the tradition of 'courtly love’ flourished in the High Middle Ages. In the eighteenth century in England, it evolved into a day where people express their love for each other, often by giving flowers, confectionaries and valentines; greeting cards. Handwritten valentines have since passed, mass-produced greeting cards taking their place since the nineteenth century. 

Although I am not especially motivated to celebrate St. Valentines in my Primary classes, here you are a compilation of activities about Valentine's Day for Primary, Secondary and High Schools:  



Hope you've got enough if you want to prepare two or three sessions about this festivity.

Wishing You Peace and Love!

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