Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Australian Animals: A Short Project in the English Class

This project was carried out during the second term of the school year 2014-2015 in the school Pau Vila (Esparreguera – Barcelona) by the students of grade 6.

In this project the following subjects where directly involved:
  • English as a second language (third language in Catalonia!) 
  • Art 
  • Geography 
  • Social studies 
  • Sport 
  • Literacy 
The linguistic goals of this project were mainly focused on productive communicative skills (writing and speaking), as well as on one of the receptive skills (reading comprehension).

But we considered other “social skills” such as how to work with other people, how to share work, how to appreciate the work of others, how to work alone… To use scissors, to design a neat page, to use a variety of ICT tools or dictionaries, creativity, structure and organization …

Have a look at the Power Point to know a little bit more about the Outcome on Australian Animals.

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