Friday, February 17, 2017

BEE-BOT is a perfect proposal to tell stories and start teaching control, directional language and programming, from 3 and up to 7 years.

What is BEE-BOT?

BEE-BOT is a Bee Robot. It is an educational material designed to develop the basic capabilities of programming, and its implications: spatial location and cognition, motor and perception, logic and strategy.

It consists of a bee-robot whose movements are made at angles of ninety degrees, and that must be programmed to achieve a coherent sequence on each template. Thus, with proper programming, the bee-robot can spell a word, make a sum, each time it stops in a space, depending on the alphabet template or numbers that come with the Bee Bot. Then, the templates can be changed for any activity that the educator decides.


It has been specially designed for being used in the early stage of  Primary students.

Features include:
  • Sounds and eyes that allow students to know they have entered their intermittent instructions.
  • The ability to recall up to 40 instructions / steps introduced by students;
  • The ability to move accurately in measures of 15cm so that they are converted in increments of 90 °.
  • Bright buttons for students to use input instructions.
  • Robust and small design.
  • Size: 13cm x 10cm x 7cm.
  • Clear and bright buttons.
  • Memory for more than 40 steps.
  • No confusion in the different degrees of programming.
  • Sounds and flashing eyes to confirm instructions.
  • Fantastic resources and inter-curricular and transdisciplinary activities.

This week we have played with our friendly and easy-to-operate robots the Bee-Bots, in our sessions of the Sharing to Learn program. (In My School is Cool blog)

The students of grade 4 and the Language Assistants had a great time programming the bees to complete a task that was really challenging!

They had to "give" instructions to the "Bee" through the instructions pannel (placed on the back of the bee) to drive the robot to follow up a short shopping-list task on the Street mat.

The task was: 

I'm at home
1. First, I want to buy some flowers for my mum's birthday
2. Then, I must buy apples and bananas to prepare my baby sister porridge.
3. Then, I can go to the park for a while.
4. Finally, I go back home.

Can you drive the Bee-bot through the Street mat and complete the task?

Have a look at the photos and the short video.  It was a great thinking time!

From the American School of Milan

For more information visit the BEE-BOP home page

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